In Borrowed Shoes

Through her years of journaling, storytelling, and the arts, Diane Sherman reveals the journey of a lifetime. It’s the journey we must all ultimately take, into stillness, into the deeper sense of wholeness and belonging that only an authentically lived life can reveal.

Sherman doesn’t hold back in revealing the crushing events of her early life that eventually lead her to the many healing modalities that now comprise her teaching practice. Through heartbreakingly honest and humorous stories, she invites the reader into her heart, sharing about the loss of her father when she was seven, how religion shaped her early worldview, and her quest to be free of guilt and shame. She shares stories of a car accident that shattered her body and nearly cost her life, how her second marriage shaped and healed her, how divorce and beginning again brought her to her knees, how sitting with her dogs brings her into the present moment, and more.

This memoir is comprised of 108 vignettes. Her writing reveals that each story, whether it’s a grave and serious moment, or one that is apparently mundane, can become a meditation. Each meditation is a prayer to open her heart to discover that inner freedom is available right here, right now, in this moment. Sherman discovers that true contentment can be achieved if we open our hearts and say yes to the circumstances and challenges life presents. The gold lies within.